Just beyond the treacherous cliffs of cape Maleas, the island of Kythera keeps its own personality and mysteries.

Once you have arrived in Athens you will realize how much of a role music plays in Greeks’ daily life. Music is everywhere: in the streets, cafes, taverns, restaurants, museums, art galleries, libraries, churches, public parks, and of course, in the bars, nightclubs and in the concert halls and the opera houses of Attica.

For the fourth year in a row, the Athens Open Air Film Festival will be turning the city into one big open-air cinema.

Sports Tourism. Out into the open air. Find fun, excitement and adventure in Attica, a major sports tourism destination

Athens metropolis; a city hospitable to all

Homosexuality is a very old story in Greece. In Antiquity, the issue of what gender one is attracted to, is seen as an issue of taste or preference, rather than as a moral.

Go off to explore the charming islands of the Saronic Gulf and discover their secrets. Swim in crystal clear waters; enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, dive into a rich historical past, marvel at a splendid architecture,

When in Athens, don't miss the wonderful outdoors opportunity offered by one of the very few capitals around the globe where a great number of hiking and climbing places are concentrated within less than ten minutes driving or walking from the city center.

Well, almost! Attica is actually a sun-kissed peninsula, blessed with an extended crystal clear sea front!

«Greece left me breathless… The majority of the actors visiting Greece, we combine Greece with the food,

“Greeks love children and the country is especially child-friendly – making Greece the ideal location for an interesting and exciting family holiday.” The Telegraph.

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