A Bicycle Ride at Mount Parnitha

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Bicycling is not only fast, accessible and environmentally friendly, but also a fun way to get in shape. Nature lovers and cycling enthusiasts should be sure to check out these amazing routes just outside of Athens.

Hit the trails, get some fresh air, energise yourself with a drink of ice-cold water from the park’s natural springs, and enjoy the breathtaking view, all while getting an excellent workout.

Parnitha National Park is a mere 25 kilometres from the centre of Athens and is ideal for cycling. Follow one of the park’s many paved paths, smooth dirt roads or winding forest trails through the beautiful evergreens.

Suggested Routes

1. Beginners will lovethe gently-sloping route east of Varibobi, which also has uphill paths on the right and left of the main trail for more experienced cyclists. The route leads to the forest road near the recreational areas of the former Royal Estate.

2. The former Royal Estates in Tatoi offers a scenic 4-5 kilometre route. To get there, take the Athens-Lamia National Highway and turn off towards Varibobi. After the Tatoi Equestrian Club, continue towards Varibobi and then follow the signs to Thrakomadekones and Tatoi. When you reach the gate, park your car and hit the trails!

3. More experienced cyclists can continue through the Royal Estates and then towards Katsimidi or Kithara. Eventually the trail leads to Thrakomakedones, after passing through the Monastery of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

4. Another beautiful 4-kilometre route goes towards Agios Georgios in Keramidi. On the way to Parnitha, after the cable car, you will reach the forest outpost of Metochi. Take a left at the second turn and park on the dirt road. From there, start your bike ride towards Agios Georgios.

5. Another great option is the 9-kilometre route starting in Mola and ending in either Loimiko or Saloniki. To get there, drive towards Parnitha, park your car in Mola and choose one of the two routes that start from the recreational area; one goes toward Loimiko and the other toward Saloniki.

6. For more information about bike routes, consult one of Terrain’s waterproof maps or visit www.terrainmaps.gr.

Helpful Hints

• Always wear a helmet and cycling gloves, to avoid injuries.

• Make sure to bring water, healthy snacks, a cotton t-shirt, a towel, a first aid kit, and ointment for bug bites.

• Bring a bicycle inner tube, pump and multipurpose tool with you in a small bag.

• Wear cycling apparel if possible. If you don’t own any, avoid wearing loose-fitting clothes as they can increase air resistance, get caught in the bike, trap insects, etc. Cotton clothes and sneakers are strongly recommended.

• Don’t forget your sunglasses; they not only make it easier to see, but also protect you from insects, dust and tree branches.

• When passing near beehives, try not to make noise and avoid wearing strong perfumes.

• Never go on a bike ride alone.

Organization is Key

To organize your cycling trip, contact:

• EOS Aharnon: 126 Filadelfias St., Aharnai, Tel.: 210 2461528, 6946 239663 (Dimitris Pipis). Website: www.eosacharnon.gr.

• Bicycle Friends: 3 Eptahalkou St., Thiseio, Tel.: 6975 753841 (Eleni Psaroudaki), 6979 928855 (Lidia Hatzialexiou). Website: www.filoi-podilatou.gr.

• Let’s Go for a Ride: 23 Agathonos St., Agia Paraskevi, Tel.: 210 67 52 886, 6946 915905 (Vasilis Kampas). Website: www.pamevolta.gr.

• Trekking Hellas: 10 Saripolou St., Athens, Tel.: 210 33 10 323. Website: www.trekking.gr.

Transporting Bicycles

If you want to use your bicycle in the centre of Athens, it helps to know that…

• Carrying your bicycles onboard electric railway trains, metro and tram cars is permitted at any time throughout the day, to/from all stops. 

• Up to two bicycles are allowed on board through the last door of every train car. 

• Bicycles should be transported using the designated ramps, stairs or elevators. Carrying bicycles on escalators is strictly prohibited.

• You may also bring your bicycle onboard the suburban railway trains throughout the day.

• More information about bicycle transportation is available at www.stasy.gr.

We would like to thank Dimitris Pipis, Physical Education Professor, from EOS Aharnon for contributing this valuable information, as well as Vasilis Kampas, from Let’s Go for a Ride for the photographic archive.


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