A Prince in the Pigpen(Expired)

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Princes and princesses, dashing disguises, devilishly cute animals, with human-like tendencies, grown-ups who behave like children, and children who grow up before your very eyes...

All this and more will be seen in the new opera written by Nikos Kypourgos and presented in the Olympia Theatre. The opera is based on the famous fairy tale “The Swineherd” by Hans Christian Andersen. The tale blends drama with comedy as it follows the adventures of a prince who disguises himself as a swineherd to win the heart of the prissy princess.

In the words of the director “the princes and the princesses start to play dirty, and once buried behind their muddy disguises, lose their arrogance and pave the way to a true love story.”

Additional Info

Date: Saturday, 09 November 2013
End Date: Sunday, 30 March 2014
Categories: Theater
District: Central Athens
Phone: 210 36 62 100

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