Temples in the Shape of the Sky (Expired)

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The collaboration between the Director of the Eugenides Planetarium, Dionysis Simopoulos, and photographer Loukas Hapsis has resulted in an impressive exhibition entitled “Temples in the Shape of the Sky.” Hosted by the Eugenides Foundation, the exhibition displays 14 monuments of Greek civilization photographed at night.

Astral orbits, constellations, nebulae and our galaxy cross the night sky and take us on a journey from Olympia to Delos and from Dion to Knossos.

The mystical light of these elements is captured using the light paint technique, which emphasises the textural richness of each architectural element. The photographer, who has captured eclipses and astronomical phenomena all over the world, shows the most notable monuments of Greek antiquity melded into the starlit sky, guiding us on a path of stellar reflections throughout time.

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Date: Wednesday, 06 November 2013
End Date: Tuesday, 31 December 2013
Categories: Exhibitions
District: South Suburbs

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