An Enigmatic Group (Expired)

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Eleven contemporary Greek artists attempt to divine what is behind the apparent view of reality in the Enigma Exhibition, to take place on 14 December at 1pm in the Skoufa Gallery in Kolonaki.

Asphyxiating rooms reminiscent of mysterious worlds, human forms next to silent sculpted figures, parks hiding unknown dangers, dolls brought to life, mysterious smiles, closed eyes and metaphysical landscapes… Everything implying the enigmatic element of art.

Contributors: Nikos Aggelidis, Dimitris Geros, Irene Iliopoulou, Barbara Liakounakou, Tasos Misouras, Vasilis Perros, Vaggelis Rinas, Pavlos Samios, Nikos Houliaras, Mantalina Psoma.

Additional Info

Date: Saturday, 14 December 2013
End Date: Saturday, 11 January 2014
Categories: Exhibitions
Address: 4 Skoufa Street, Kolonaki, Athens
District: Central Athens

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