I Love you (Expired)

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A tribute to Lula Anagnostaki, I Love You by Stamatis Kraounakis is staged every Monday and Tuesday on the third floor of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation. Eleni Ouzounidou presents moments from several women’s lives, as well as scenes from the life of one woman at different times through excerpts from the plays To You Who Are Listening to Me, Antonio or the Message, The City, Diamonds and Blues and Sound of Arms, as well as the entirety of the play Deep Red Sky.

Humour and desperation, violence and solitude, loss and hope all come together in this unique show.

Writing: Stamatis Kraounakis and Alexandra Pantelaki (in collaboration with the playwright, who has given the play its name)
Direction, music composition and piano accompaniment: Stamatis Kraounakis
The role of Michalis in the Sound of Arms is played by Christos Gerontidis.

Please note: Soft drinks are allowed during the performance.

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Open House

Days and Times: Monday and Tuesday at 8.00 PM

Ticket prices: €12,00 (presale), €15,00 (at ticket office).

Additional Info

Date: Monday, 10 March 2014
End Date: Tuesday, 15 April 2014
Categories: Theater
Address: 206 Peiraios St., Tavros
District: Central Athens
Phone: +30 210 3418550

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