A Timeless Treasure from the Musée de Clun

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In celebration of its 100th anniversary, the renovated Palace of the Duchess of Placentia is hosting an exhibition titled “Outside the Church... 11th-Century Treasure from the Musée de Cluny”. The exhibition is presented as a part of the series Byzantium and the Medieval West, in collaboration with the Musée de Cluny in Paris.

The main exhibit includes a priceless piece of Western art – a portable stone altar that dates back to the early 11th century. This piece is made from a double-sided slab composed of wood and porphyry, with a silver casing. It is engraved and gilded in certain parts, and contains the relics of four saints.

The exhibit also includes objects from the Christian East, antimensia and liturgical utensils used in the Eucharist ceremony.
Byzantine and Christian Museum

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Date: Monday, 28 April 2014
End Date: Sunday, 03 August 2014
Categories: Exhibitions
Address: 12 Vas. Sofias Ave
District: Central Athens
Phone: 213 21 39 572

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