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May is the height of spring, the time of the year when Attica is filled with the colours and scents of the beautiful flowers cropping up now in fields and gardens throughout the region.
If you are interested in seeing (and smelling) all that Attica has to offer, consider visiting some of the flower shows that are held throughout the Region this time of the year.
These shows allow people of all ages to admire nature’s beauty and help cultivate the love of nature that leads us to hope for a better future for our children!
Below are some of the most fabulous flower shows in the Region of Attica:

Kifissia Flower Show
24 April - 11 May
Information: Municipality of Kifissia:
Tel.: (+30) 213 2007100, (+30) 210 8019566, (+30) 213 2007257
Website: www.kifissia.gr

•    Varkiza Flower Show
25 April - 11 May
Information: Municipality of Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni:
Tel.: (+30) 213 2020000, (+30) 213 2020045
Website: www.dimosvoulas.gr

•    Piraeus Flower Show
25 April - 11 May
Information: Municipality of Piraeus:
Tel.: (+30) 213 2022144
Website: www.pireasnet.gr.

•    Flower Show at Egaleo Park (Baroutadiko)
Various events will be held during the flower show. Egaleo Park serves as a meeting point for cyclists and a starting point for cycling trails in the area.
17 May - 5 June
Information: Municipality of Egaleo:
Tel.: (+30) 213 2044800, (+30) 210 5314771, (+30) 210 5315667, 210 5315668
Website: www.aigaleo.gr  

•    Spring Flower Show at Pedion Areos
The flower show will be held from early May to the end of the month.

Information: Pedion Areos:
Tel.: (+30) 210 8212239, 210 6928378
Website: www.attiko-prasino.gr

Additional Info

Date: Thursday, 24 April 2014
End Date: Thursday, 05 June 2014
Categories: Exhibitions

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