International Museum Day at the Acropolis Museum

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On the occasion of this year’s International Museum Day, the Acropolis Museum produced, in collaboration with the Hellenic Mint, commemorative medals dedicated to the hare of the Acropolis.

The ancient Greeks knew a lot about hares, including their great speed, especially when dashing uphill, their selection of high vantage points to spot possible danger, their ability to use their long ears as a rudder when running, as well as their playfulness and amorous disposition. The commemorative medals are available in the Museum Shops.

On this day, Sunday 18 May 2014, the Museum will welcome visitors with two special gallery talks on the following topics: ‘The hare of the Acropolis’ and ‘The Moschophoros: a new display of an Acropolis masterpiece’.

The Museum will be open half-day due to the municipal elections, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., with free entry for its visitors.

‘The hare of the Acropolis’

Amongst the hundreds of small votive offerings from the Acropolis (6th century BC) one that stands out is a bronze hare landing on its front legs after a spectacular leap to elude its pursuers. Visitors will have the opportunity to hear from Museum Archaeologist-Hosts attractive stories about the hare and other animals of which their bronze effigies are displayed in the Museum showcases.

‘The Moschophoros: a new display of an Acropolis masterpiece’

The Moschophoros (Calf-bearer), one of the most important sculptures of archaic Acropolis recently changed its form. Its massive leg props have been replaced with light metallic ones, which significantly improve the aesthetics of the exhibition of the sculpture. Visitors will learn from Museum Conservators the hidden aspects behind the procedure of this new display.

Gallery Talks Program:

‘The hare of the Acropolis’: at 10 a.m. in English, at 10:30 a.m. in French and at 12 noon in Greek.

‘The Moschophoros: a new display of an Acropolis masterpiece’: at 11 a.m. in Greek and at 11:30 a.m. in English.   

Participation is limited to 30 visitors per session on a first-in first-served basis.

For further details, please refer to the Information Desk at the Museum entrance.

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