False confessions(Expired)

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Director Luc Bondy, a major contributor to the Athens theatre scene, will bring a new masterpiece to the Greek public through the False Confessions of Pierre de Marivaux, the author of the “metaphysics of the heart”. The playwright uses an artfully told story to glorify the element of surprise and subtly point out social inequalities.

The play tells the story of Dorante, a poor man who tries to win the heart of a wealthy widow, Araminte. Behind it all is the servant Dubois, who brilliantly pulls the strings throughout the intrigue, guiding the characters and storylines to achieve the desired result.

Luc Bondy proves once again that he is a pioneer in the field, offering a modern-day adaptation and featuring a dazzling cast of performers who eloquently convey the silences, as well as the expressive elegance of marivaudage.

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Date: Thursday, 12 June 2014
End Date: Saturday, 14 June 2014
Categories: Theater
Address: Onassis Cultural Centre – Main Stage

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