A Small Family Business(Expired)

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This is the title of a production currently being staged at the National Theatre in London and broadcast to audiences at the Concert Hall via the National Theatre Live programme. Written by Alan Ayckbourn, this play is a crushing metaphor for the disastrous effects of Thatcherite capitalism.

A farce concealing serious political content under a light layer of humour, the play follows a family that owns a furniture factory. The founder, now senile, has chosen as his successor his daughter’s husband, who is unaware of the ‘dishonourable past’ of the business and promises transparency and integrity. As the play unfolds, the signs of corruption begin to reveal themselves as the atmosphere becomes dark and claustrophobic.

In the role of the boss: Nigel Linge

With English subtitles.

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Date: Friday, 20 June 2014
Categories: Theater
Phone: 210 72 82 333

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