Cirque du Soleil: Quidam (Expired)

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Cirque du Soleil: Quidam


Apotheosis of renewal – or aesthetic revolution? However you describe the Cirque du Soleil’s fantastic and otherworldly 30-year anniversary performance, one thing is certain: this is not an event to miss!
Cirque du Soleil combines theatre, mime, music, dance, artistic and gymnastic talent to create a stunning visual spectacle.
Quidam, unlike other productions, does not transport us to the island of the imagination or to parallel worlds, but instead focuses on the real world of ordinary people, tackling issues of down-to-earth reality and everyday life.
Huge, imposing sets, beautiful hand-made costumes and the 80m aerial arch above the stage literally take your breath away while a cast of 52 different characters – real people like the neighbours next door, with their own troubles and dreams—all perform against a background of thrilling contemporary electronic.
The Cirque du Soleil is here: the ‘dream inventors’, stimulating our deepest emotions and liberating our imaginations.

O.A.K.A. Olympic Indoor Hall


Additional Info

Date: Saturday, 20 September 2014
End Date: Sunday, 28 September 2014
Categories: Theater
Address: Spirou Loui Av.
District: North Suburbs
Phone: 210 89 38 138

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