Nature Immortelle (Expired)

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Nature Immortelle

First there are the images that create movement and music. Unique compositions that alternate between rhythms, intervals, silences and semitones. Passages and vortexes, the explosions of an inner light.

Then there are those images that follow the aesthetic of postcards with bright colours contrasted against a black-and-white background.

The works of Elli Koutsoukelli, which are defined by their original style and portrayals, and those of Marina Velisioti, which have a certain “metaphysical” air, coexist in the Nature Immortelle exhibition, which alludes to the immaterial and indestructible nature of man. The exhibition will open at Romantso on Thursday, 9 October, at 20.00.


Thursday, 9 October – Thursday, 16 October


Additional Info

Date: Thursday, 09 October 2014
End Date: Thursday, 16 October 2014
Categories: Exhibitions
Address: Anaxagora 3-5
District: Central Athens
Phone: 216 70 03 325

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