Traditional Cafés in Athens (Expired)

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Τα καφενεία της Αθήνας

At 20:00 on Tuesday, 7 October, an exhibit dedicated to Athenian café culture will open at the Ianos art hall.

Modern cafés are gradually turning into literary, artistic and theatrical hangouts, just like the traditional Athenian cafés (kafeneion), the most popular of which are being presented at the exhibition.

For many years, historical hangouts in the districts of Omonia, Chaftia, Panepistimiou, Kolonaki and Syntagma Square, such as Zacharatos, Dexameni, the legendary Vyzantio, Brazilian and Zonars, grew into gathering places where many literary and social discussions were held. The baton was then passed on to Filion, Vivliothiki (Greek word for library), Da Capo, Lykovrysi and to the cafés in Plaka, Exarcheia and Victoria Square, which in turn became the “meeting points” and “decision-making centres” of the modern age.

Ianos art hall

Tuesday, 7 October – Saturday, 8 November



Additional Info

Date: Tuesday, 07 October 2014
End Date: Saturday, 08 November 2014
Categories: Exhibitions
Address: Stadiou 24
District: Central Athens
Phone: 210 32 17 917

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