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Journey Through Infinite SpaceJourney Through Infinite SpaceJourney Through Infinite Space

Fanis Matsopoulos, one of the youngest creators of digital planetarium shows in the world, invites admirers of the universe’s grandeur on a “real” journey through infinite space, made up of fifty photographical works that are being presented as part of the Eugenides Foundation’s exhibition, Between Heaven and Earth.

The exhibition features night shots of archaeological sites, which depict ancient and modern monuments against a backdrop of stellar orbits and the galactic zone. It also includes shots of deep-sky objects taken from precision telescopes, night landscapes and astronomical instruments from the National Observatory of Athens.

On the day of the opening there were two screenings of Matsopoulos’ 42-minute planetarium show, entitled A Journey to the Universe.

Eugenides Foundation

Monday, 2 February – Thursday, 30 April


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Date: Monday, 02 February 2015
End Date: Thursday, 30 April 2015
Categories: Exhibitions
Address: L. Syggrou 387
District: South Suburbs
Phone: 210-94 69 600

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