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Missing Sister- TrilogyMissing Sister- TrilogyMissing Sister- Trilogy

The last series of the Missing Sister – Trilogy by photographer Amalia Sotiropoulou will be presented at the Skoufa Gallery, closing off the trilogy with a message.

The trilogy began in 2013 and features the Caryatids of the Erechtheion.

In the first series of works, Sotiropoulou placed the virtual sculptures in an urban landscape, and in the second series a year later, she visited the British Museum and photographed the Missing Sister.

In this exhibition, the “migrant Caryatid” finally returns to her birthplace – virtually, that is – in order to meet her sisters, reconcile with her past and be united with her history.

This move on the part of the creator expresses the desire of all Greeks to see the Parthenon’s sculptures return to their birthplace as a sign of respect to the country and its civilization.

Skoufa Gallery

Thursday, 23 April – Monday, 11 May


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Date: Thursday, 23 April 2015
End Date: Monday, 11 May 2015
Categories: Exhibitions
Address: Skoufa 4, Kolonaki
District: Central Athens
Phone: 210 36 43 025

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