The Little Foxes:The Craving for Money (Expired)

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The Little FoxesThe Little Foxes

Thomas Ostermeier, a well-loved artist and leading figure of the contemporary theatre scene, will be presenting Lillian Hellman’s Little Foxes by the world-famous Berlin theatre, Schaubühne, at the Athens Festival.

The American writer and social activist behind this play made history with her brave stance against the House Un-American Activities Committee when she refused to turn in her communist friends.

In the end, what stays with the audience after the performance is how the inner lives of the characters are altered by ruthless competition.

The play is in German and has Greek surtitles.

Peiraios 260

Friday, 19 June – Sunday, 21 June


Additional Info

Date: Friday, 19 June 2015
End Date: Sunday, 21 June 2015
Categories: Theater
Address: Pireus 260
District: Central Athens
Phone: 210 92 82 900

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