I want a country: Do I have one? (Expired)

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Θέλω μια χώρα: Την έχω;

Andreas Flourakis explores the gap between “I have a country” and “I want a country” in his new play featuring Reni Pittaki in a surprise role.

I want a country will be staged at Peiraios 260 two years after its success in London as part of the programme directed by Richard Twyman, The Big Idea: PIIGS.

With humour and emphasis that sometimes reaches the point of exaggeration, the writer conveys the voices of young people on their country, their future, and their despair at seemingly unattainable dreams.

This play is a type of manifesto with no characters, no scenes, no formal dialogues and no plot.

Peiraios 260 – building D

Thursday, 30 July – Friday, 31 July


Additional Info

Date: Thursday, 30 July 2015
End Date: Friday, 31 July 2015
Categories: Theater
Address: Peiraios 260, Tauros
District: Piraeus
Phone: 210 92 82 900/ 210 48 38 739/ 210 32 72 000

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