S.O.S: Adila Sedraïa (Expired)

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S.O.S: Η Adila Sedraïa στην Αθήνα

Known by the name of Indila, this artist combines her Parisian upbringing with her roots from India, Egypt and Algeria. Do not miss her concert at Petra Theatre (The Rock Theatre), where she will be singing her hit, “Dernière Danse”, as well as pieces from her album Mini World, including “S.O.S” and other songs that have propelled her to success.

Indila loves Greece and shows it.

The “S.O.S” music video, which was directed by Karim Ouaret, features shots of magical Greek beaches, sights in Chalkida and scenes from the Victoria metro station.

Petra Theatre (The Rock Theatre)

Monday, 27 July


Additional Info

Date: Monday, 27 July 2015
Categories: Music
Address: Petra Theatre (The Rock Theatre)
District: West Suburbs
Phone: 210 50 12 402

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