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Boogie Belgique: Η πίστα καίει...

Known for its ability the old with the new to create something completely original, the enthusiastic and lively Boogie Belgique, headed by Mr Boogie (Oswald Cromheecke), will be performing at Gazarte.

Having studied under Parov Stelar and Poldoore, Mr Boogie has taken the best elements from his favourite DJs to forge a new path with his very own vintage aesthetics.

One thing is certain: this entertaining group’s electro swing sounds are bound to get you on the dance floor and make you never want to get off.

Throw on some comfortable clothes and get there as fast as you can.

Gazarte Taratsa

Sunday, 26 July


Additional Info

Date: Sunday, 26 July 2015
Categories: Music
Address: Voutadon 32-34, Gkazi
District: Central Athens
Phone: 210 34 60 347

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