Breakin’ Mozart (Expired)

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Breakin MozartBreakin MozartBreakin MozartBreakin MozartBreakin MozartBreakin MozartBreakin Mozart

The amazing dancers of breakdance world champion DDC, the Echo-award-winning musician, conductor and opera director Christoph Hagel, and soprano Anna Krauja-Čena, will all be joining forces to offer you an astonishing spectacle in which the group’s young dancers combine breakdancing with the music of the famous child prodigy from Vienna! This is certainly a first for all.

Breakin’ Mozart arrives at Technopolis in Athens after 100 sold-out performances in Berlin.

In this performance, Mozart literally hits the streets to meet up with the B-Boys. The audience will have the opportunity to enjoy the composer’s original works played live on the piano by the conductor, along with orchestral versions combined with modern hip-hop remixes and techno beats.

Classic urban dance moves, beautifully executed in perfect synchronisation, combine music, dance and acrobatics of the highest standard to define this spectacular interlacing of classical music and street dancing.


Friday, 4 September


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Date: Friday, 04 September 2015
Categories: Dance
Address: Peiraios 100, Gkazi
District: Central Athens
Phone: 210 72 98 930

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