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The new Children’s Museum of Athens

 The new Children’s Museum of Athens is an open, 600 sqm free flowing space located inside the «Athens Conservatoire». It is designed aiming to help all children enrich their knowledge, broaden their experiences and understand and enjoy the world they live in.

Children will be happy to participate in one of the educational programs in English for non-native speakers conducted by the Hellenic Children’s Museum. They will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the vocabulary about nutrition, gather the necessary ingredients and make their own recipe in the Museum’s “Kitchen”. They will be happy to construct the city of their dreams, to create their self-portraits and to become familiar with different cultures of the world. So many other exciting experiences you can actually share with them are waiting for you.

If you choose Attica during your Christmas Holiday, don’t miss out on the educational programs planned in the spirit of Christmas!

The Museum of Greek Children’s Art

Visitors will have a wonderful time, strolling through the areas of this pioneering museum, displaying thousands of artworks created by children 5 to 14 years old. You will be impressed and charmed by the Museum’s exhibits which are constantly enriched with new collections from Greece and abroad.

Enjoy spending time with your children playing with the artworks, making puzzles, solving riddles or reading words, phrases and stories. Travel through photographs, identify monuments, and write down personal thoughts. It is an amazing way for mental development and an opportunity to interpret things in a way that wouldn’t occur to anyone over a certain age.

There is also a Special program for the visually impaired, contributing to a creative participation and cooperation between pre-school children and primary school pupils both sighted and visually impaired.

Emotions Museum

A unique interactive museum about emotions! It uses interactive exhibitions in order to encourage children and teenagers to discover their emotional world, to learn more about themselves and the others. Adults and parents can gain insights on issues regarding children’s emotional development and socialization. The Emotions Museum is situated on Κaratza Street at the foot of Filopappou hill.

The Goulandris Natural History Museum

Located in the leafy suburb of Kifissia, the Goulandris Museum’s complex offers easy access for people with physical disabilities and it is a family-friendly museum. In the Goulandris Natural History Museum building, you will find a rich exhibition of fossils, shells, rocks and minerals, as well as insect, mammal, bird and reptile species.

In The Gaia Centre for Environmental Research & Education building, an exciting show entitled “Our World Today” displays the variety of our planet’s landscapes, its vegetation and its animal species richness while it showcases the impact of human activity on the environment.

The «Geosphere», a hemispherical dome - monitor of 5m of diameter and of approximately 40 sqm of surface, will present you, in a brief and concise way, the geological evolution of the earth from its creation, 4.6 billion years ago, until today.

The Museum Café - Restaurant is a great place where adults can relax while children just enjoy the “paradise”. Its huge garden is a true oasis surrounded by chestnut, almond and olive trees, with a towering cedar in the center and a lake with water lilies and small fish.

The Benaki Museum

The Benaki Museum comprises a series of satellite museums and sites to display thematic collections or in honour of some particularly important donation.

The Benaki Museum of Greek Culture

In The main building (1 Koubari Street): the Benaki Museum of Greek Culture is housed in the beautiful neoclassical Benaki family’s mansion of 19th century. The collections trace back the long history of Greece from the Neolithic age to the period of independence in the 19th century and the formation of the Greek modern state.

The Benaki Museum in Pireos Street

The newest building, an example of modern Greek architecture, opened its gates in 2004 in 138 Pireos Street, after the expansion and refurbishment of a former industrial building. It hosts some of Athens' best contemporary art exhibitions and is particularly popular on weekend evenings, as it closes at 10 pm.

The Islamic art Museum

The Islamic art Museum, housed in Kerameikos building, includes an important collection of 16th century Ottoman ceramics, produced in the famous workshops of Iznik, in Asia Minor, which is considered as the producer of exquisite artefacts in the history of ceramics. Special tours by the curator of the Museum will introduce you into the world of Islamic culture. Visit its traditional coffee shop for amazing views, from the Acropolis and the Pnyx, to the Kerameikos cemetery and Piraeus.

Mentis passementerie

Situated at 6 Polyfimou Street, in the neighborhood of Petralona, the one and a half century old Mentis fibre manufactory, donated by Mentis family to Benaki Museum, is a vivid place. You will have a thrilling journey, following every step involved in silk processing and the crafting of masterpieces out of thread, for which the company was renowned: galloons, ornamental cords – piping, braids, fringes, tassels, Brandenburg frogging and curtain tiebacks.

At the Pireos Street Building Shop, you will find objects made by young artists and inspired by the products of Mentis workshop.

The Benaki Toy Museum

Handmade dolls in traditional Greek costumes painted by hand, fashion dolls from France complete with a full wardrobe, wind-up and mechanical toys made of tin or wood, “Karagkiozis” Shadow Theater figures, puppets from Sicily, lead soldiers and model trains and airplanes are waiting for you in the castle of toys, a stunning stone building on the coast of Palaio Faliro (Athens Riviera). An unforgettable experience for children of all ages.

Benaki Museum Activities

Throughout the year, the Benaki Museum suggests exciting routes full of creative activities for children and families. These can be followed both in the permanent collections and in selected temporary exhibitions.

Embrace the new initiative of the Museum Kinder Docs: It is a documentary screenings program of award-winning films and events for children and teenagers, as well as their friends, teachers and families.

Visitors with disabilities have the opportunity to become familiar with the museum collections, archives and certain exhibitions, through specially designed programmes.

Performances in Benaki Museum

Participate in a museum visit like no other: actors bring texts to life, casting light on aspects of history, which are given voice by pieces in the display cases. “From the Silence of the Display Case to Living Theatrical Voices” is the Benaki Museum’s partnership with the National Theatre of Greece, in a pioneering project that challenges Greek cultural norms.

Benaki Museum’s café-restaurant

On the second floor of the renowned Benaki Museum is a café-restaurant which extends to the terrace of this delightful neo-classical building. From there you have panoramic views of the Parliament buildings, the National Gardens and Syntagma Square. Sip a coffee, nibble a snack or really take your time with a full three-course meal. On Thursdays the museum is open until midnight.” David Thornton, the Telegraph

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