Where did all the love go? (Expired)

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Futile struggles. Broken dreams. Sacrifices that succeed in bringing only greater anguish. Why did it all go so wrong?

These are some of the issues addressed in Mike Bartlett’s book “Love, Love, Love”.

It all begins with a wild party taking place at the end of the 60s. Two young individuals do what youngsters usually do: smoke, drink, dance and fall in love. And later, as adults, they have kids, build careers, lose everything and find the strength to start all over again.

They’re sure of only one thing: the party will never end.  Yet, as time goes by, the party comes to an end; and so does that particular lifestyle they’ve been trying to hold on to. Guilt slowly sets in. What are they to tell their children? What’s the excuse now?  

During the “Summer of Love”, back when Ken met Sandra, 19-year-old students would listen to the Beatles’ “All You Need is Love” and dream about a better world.  

Five actors from the late 60s talk about their generation while planning a party. Their main issue isn’t the crisis itself but something broader: why is it that people, regardless of the generation they belong to, feel the way they do today? What went wrong? And, more importantly, where did all the love go?  

This generational gap isn’t just about the issues of interpersonal communication and thinking patterns.  It defines the chasm between generations as a result of the economic crisis, which is more evident in the way parents choose to rear their children—more often than not, by adopting the methods their own parents used.

Translation-Direction: Marianna Kalbari
Set and costume design: Konstantinos Zamanis
Lighting: Lefteris Pavlopoulos
Music: Giannis Sorotos/ Video: Diamantis Karanastasis
Assistant director: Ilias Latsis

Theatro Technis
14, Frynichou Street, Plaka

Wednesdays and Sundays at 20:00
Thursdays and Fridays at 21:15
Saturdays at 18:15 and 21:15

Admission: €20, €15. €10 for students (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoon)

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Categories: Theater
Address: 14, Frynichou Street, Plaka
District: Central Athens
Phone: (+30) 210 3222464

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