Derma (Expired)

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Prepare yourself for a shocking experience. Controversial since the day it premiered, the aptly named Derma is a play based on tanneries and the violence associated with the process. 

Brought to the stage by the ODC group, this performance’s main theme is about an abandoned tannery which has been converted into a facility that processes human lives. Different performers guide the audience through different spaces, letting the viewer decide whether he/she wishes to proceed to what lies beyond. 

This is a play that will take you to the darkest recesses of your soul by way of Acheron, known as the river of pain in ancient Greek mythology.  Through constant fear and surprise, the viewer is compelled to follow the traces of memory, history and darkness.

The play takes place in a huge industrial space which one could describe either as a post-futuristic nightclub or a classy abattoir.  It’s a place where the unexpected happens with alarming regularity, all-the-while allowing a sliver of light and hope to pass through.

Participants include volunteers, performers, visual artists and musicians.

Direction: Ellie Papakonstantinou
Set designers: Tellis Karadanos, Alexandra Siafkou
Dramatic adaptation: Stathis Grafanakis
Musical composition: Tilemachos Moussas
Motion: Valia Papachristou, Christina Sougioultzi
Assistant directors:Thomas Diafas, Davydd Cook, Semeli Chaviara
Actors: Adrian Frieling, Lefteris Zimianitis, Alkis Zoupas, Aggelos Kalinoglou, Anastasia Katsinavaki, Thanos Kosmidis, Thomas Chatzis, Nefeli Papaderou, Valia Papachristou, Valia Tzanetou, Stella Christodoulopoulou.

Shows: Mondays and Tuedays at 21:00

Duration: 90 minutes

Tickets: €10


Additional Info

Date: Monday, 11 February 2013
End Date: Tuesday, 26 February 2013
Categories: Theater
Address: 174, Orfeos Str, Votanikos
District: Central Athens
Phone: (+30) 210 3453203

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