Aurelia Theriez: “The whispers of walls“ (Expired)

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Elegant, inventive, fragile, dynamic and mysterious—all at the same time.  A show that’s part-theatre, part-fantasy, where the circus meets the stage, reality mingles with realism and humor addresses the impossible. “The Whisper of Walls” is open to countless meanings and is performed at Megaron Mousikis as part  of the series “Bridges”, a composition of  theater, illusion and dance. It’s about a surreal, intangible world which, like a dream, is in constant state of transformation. What appears to be beautiful and seductive can suddenly turn into a nightmare and vice versa.

The performance is directed and choreographed by Aurelia’s mother, Victoria Theriez Chaplin, who, along with the protagonist’s father,
is amongst the pioneers of the alternative circus.  With the Chaplin legacy evident throughout the performance, the daughter of Charlie Chaplin considers this show to be the work of a lifetime.

“The Whispers of Walls” showcases Thierez’s  grace, Jaime Martinez’s  clockwork-like dance and Magnus Jacobsson’s poetic acrobatics. In a set that closely resembles Venice, full of grey, shadowy figures and expressionless faces, the play’s heroine is in constant motion and loses herself in a fantasy.

She meets another figure who, assuming the role of her lover, will lead her to a floating dance. He loses her, finds her, only to lose her again. Another dark, melancholy man will take his place, yet never succeeds n touching her. It’s life constructed on the basis of a fantasy that’s easy to collapse.  
A wonderful composition of moments that manage to upset the universe.  Isn’t that what life is about?

Duration: 75 minutes

Set design: Victoria Theriez Chaplin
Costumes: Veronica Gran, Ζακ Περντιγκέ,  Μόνικα Σβάρτσλ, Victoria Theriez Chaplin.
Creative Directions: Dimitris Maragopoulos

Starting time: 20:00

Megaron Mousikis
Hall: Alexis Traindis
Vassilissis Sofias Ave & Kokkali Str

Tickets: €11, €20, €28, €40 (general admission)
€6.5 (students, unemployed, disabled)
€8.5 (persons over 65 years old, people with many children)

Admission to events in Halls MC2 and MC3 is free

Additional Info

Date: Friday, 15 February 2013
End Date: Saturday, 16 February 2013
Categories: Dance
Address: Vassilissis Sofias Ave & Kokkali Str, Athens
District: Central Athens
Phone: (+30) 210 7282333

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