Masquerade at Badminton theater (Expired)

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Radical stage director Rimas Tuminas brings to the stage Russia’s classic masterpiece “Masquerade”, on behalf of the award-wining Vakhtangov theater. Written by romantic writer, poet, and painter Mikhail Lermontov, “Masquerade” is a tragic farce that reveals harsh truths about people and the world they live in—and all this through a brilliant ceremony with spectacular costumes, wonderful music, mysterious masks and tempting invitations to have fun.

The play was written in 1835 and was originally in 3 acts; a fourth one was added by Lermontov soon afterwards, following the intervention of the era’s literary censors. The play is set in St. Petersburg, where our main hero, Arbenin, is feeling smothered by Russian high society’s strict etiquette. In the end, pride and jealousy will drive him to murder his wife. Could all this be just a dream?

It’s a world balanced on a knife’s edge; ethics, laws and austerity on one side, a wild party complete with sycophants and scruple-less card players on the other; a world where everyone can hide behind a mask. That is, until all masks fall.

Arbenin Evgeny Aleksandrovich      Evgeniy Knyaze
Nina (Arbenin’s wife)                      Mariya Volkova, Olga Nemogai
Prince Zvezdich                             Leonid Bichevin
Baroness Shtral                             Lidiya Velezheva, Marina Esipenko
Kazarin Afanasy Pavlovich              Alexander Pavlov, Alexander Ryshenkov
Shprikh Adam Petrovich                 Mikhail Vaskov, Andrei Zaretskiy
Unknown person                            Yuriy Shlykov
Servant                                        Viktor Dobronravov
Snowman                                      Oleg Lopuhov

Guests and card players: Anna Antonova, Vladimir Beldiyan, Mariya Berdinskih, Mikhail Vaskov, Irina Dymchenko, Andrei Zaretskiy, Eygeniy Kosyrev, Yuriy Kraskov, Alexander Pavlov, Alexander Ryshenkov, Ekaterina Simonova, Alexandra Streltsina, Vasilisa Suhanova, Mariya Shastina

Director:                Rimas Tuminas
Stage designer:      Adomas Yacovskis
Costumes:             Maxim Obrezkov
Lighting:                Maya Shavdatuashvili
Music:                   Faustas Latenas

Dates: Friday, February 22nd and Saturday, February 23rd at 20:30

Tickets: €20, €30, €35, €45. | Student tickets: €15

Pre-booking: viva.gr/13855/abed.gr/2108840600 and at all Public and Forthnet stores

Additional Info

Date: Friday, 22 February 2013
End Date: Saturday, 23 February 2013
Categories: Theater
Address: Olympiaka Akinita, Goudi
District: Central Athens
Phone: (+30) 211 1086024

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