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Downtown Athens has a range of different vibes across its different districts, which are always buzzing with life. Syntagma Square is the city's financial and trade centre, with almost half the city's population having to pay a daily visit there.

At the north-west of the square sits the historical district of Plaka, Thission as well as the Acropolis. To the square's west there is Monastiraki with its outdoor Flea Market and the district of Psyri with all its nightclubs and entertainment hotspots.

In the same direction, a bit further on, there is the district of Gazi, a favourite hangout for the younger population of Athens, with upbeat bars and good restaurants. To the north-east of Syntagma there is Athens' historical centre, with its beautiful buildings, streets, and memories of the old city.

Going north to north-east from Syntagma Square, one can see the district of Exarheia, an area of great political import. It is a meeting-point for intellectuals, students and book-lovers, as well as being home to Kolonaki, the upper-class urban district with haute-couture stores, often frequented by the political, social and financial elite of the city.

Central District Municipalities:

Athens, Galatsi, Zografou, Kessariani, Vyronas, Dafni-Immitos, Ilioupolis, Nea Halkidona and Nea Filadelfia.

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