The good thing about taxi cabs in Athens is that you can easily hail one anywhere. From that point on, first timers in Athens should be aware of a few idiosyncrasies.

By law, once your trip has started, cabbies are not allowed to stop and pick up extra passengers – but this is not fully enforced. There will be times when your driver will stop and pick up other fares who are heading in your direction, so you won’t have the cab to yourself. But there’s no point in arguing – just make sure that you only pay your fair portion of the metered amount.

For all trips within the urban area of Attica (including transport from the airport to downtown) the meter should be set to tariff 1 which is the normal tariff rate. Tariff 2 (which is more expensive) should be used only for trips outside the city. (See more about taxi rates.)

This, of course, doesn’t apply to radio taxis, which, if you call in advance of your departure time, will tag on an additional charge over the metered amount (usually between two and five euros). They are regulated and pretty reliable. Tipping is customary if the driver is honest and the service is good. For shorter routes, one to two euros is usually enough. And, in the event that you or your wife leave your mobile phone in a cab, it’s always a good idea to write down the registration or licence plate number.

If you have a smart phone you can download a very helpful app: taxibeat. This will allow you to find all Athens taxi companies, hail taxis over your phone and select the one which is closest to you. The app uses smart geolocation services, which allow the taxi driver to see your exact location and send you a notification when he has reached your location and he is ready to pick you up. You can also see in real time how far away your taxi driver is, and you have the security of the taxi driver’s information on your phone taxibeat.

Athens Taxi Companies Phone Number
Apollon (+30) 210 3636508
Asteras (+30) 210 6144000
Athens 1 (+30) 210 9212800
Enotita (+30) 210 6459000
Ermis (+30) 210 4115200
Europe (+30) 210 5023783
Express (+30) 210 9943000
Glyfada (+30) 210 9605600
Hellas (+30) 210 6457000

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