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The Zappeion MansionThe Panathenaic StadiumMonastiraki squarePanoramic view of Acropolis MuseumA charming garden restaurant, Balthazar Syntagma SquarePanoramic view of Athens' historical monumentsFlisvos MarinaAllou Fun ParkBeach of AeginaThe port of HydraThe port of Spetses

The perfect place for a break from the city, Attica provides loads of interesting options for anyone looking to explore the sights.

A visit to the New Acropolis Museum is an absolute must. Step into this modern building designed by Bernard Tschumi and Michalis Fotiades and step back in time as you journey through topnotch historical exhibits.

Stroll down the Dionyssiou Areopagiti, a pedestrian-only street, to gaze in awe at the Herod Atticus Odeon, the Pnyx, the Parthenon and the Propylaia, towering above you on the sacred rock. Then take in the archaeological sites of the Ancient Agora and the Roman Forum. Experience classical antiquity and the amazing achievements of Ancient Athens – all in the heart of a thriving, modern metropolis.

Visit the Zappeion and the National Gardens to see rare flora and fascinating architectural monuments. Relax beneath the towering trees, lose yourself in time along the little paths and enjoy nature amidst the city. Located directly across from the southern side of the gardens is the famous Kallimarmaro Panathenaic Stadium, home to the first modern Olympic Games, held here in Athens in 1896.

With two major shopping districts located in the centre of the city and two others in the suburbs, shopping in Athens is convenient, comfortable and fun. The heart of Athens’ trade beats in its historic centre, the area around Syntagma Square and the Ermou pedestrian street. Expansive malls offer designer brands and a wide variety of other shopping options to thousands of visitors daily.

Style, fashion and top-end designers, guarantee that these famous international houses will deliver, most notably in the downtown market in Kolonaki. The large suburban markets of Kifissia in the north, and Glyfada to the south offer designer apparel, accessories and jewellery, as well as all other gourmet options.

Taste original Greek cuisine in some of Athens’ finest restaurants. Treat your palate to the unique flavours of fresh Mediterranean tomatoes, green vegetables, and virgin olive oil. The nouvelle cuisine scene is thriving and there is no better place to sample the best that Greece has to offer. While many Greek restaurants have been awarded coveted Michelin stars for their fresh fish, fusion cuisine, excellent wines, ouzo and delectable tidbits, these are but a few of the culinary choices available.

Attend the Athens Festival and visit the Herod Atticus Odeon for events that are sure to please any crowd. Experience the culture, art and timeless productions of ancient Greek theatre in the very shadow of the Sacred Rock where it all began. Live the experience!

A day-trip to Sounion and the awe-inspiring Temple of Poseidon will open your eyes and heart to the immensity of Greece’s lasting impact on the world. This imposing temple, mounted on the southernmost cape of Attica, provides panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and stunningly romantic sunsets. Treat yourself and those you love to these unforgettable experiences. You deserve it.
A day-trip to Aegina and nearby Agistri provides the perfect island escape. Neoclassical architecture, exotic crystal beaches and some of the most interesting archaeological sites in the area make this hour's trip from the port of Piraeus well worth it. While you are in Aegina, be sure to try their world-renowned pistachio nuts, a local product with a protected designation-of-origin classification and a main ingredient for numerous recipes and products, such as jams, sweets, pasteli and liqueurs.

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