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The AcropolisThe Academy of AthensPanoramic view of Athens' historical monumentsPoseidon's temple in SounioDine with a view of the AcropolisStatue at ThissioOne of the many bars downtownHadrian's Gate
48 hours

48 hours in Athens is much more than a weekend away. Athens is a living montage of breathtaking beauty, unparalleled history and culture. Famous for being the birthplace of Western civilisation, it’s also been open for fun for the last 3,000 years!

Day one

Breakfast under the trees. What better way to start day one than here, in the shadow of the ancient Acropolis, the aroma of a fresh cup of coffee or tea enhancing the scene along the Makrygianni pedestrian road. Here in this bustling part of the city, is the New Acropolis Museum, the premier destination for visitors seeking a voyage through the history of humanity and ancient Greek civilisation. Then, perhaps, take a stroll along the most beautiful pedestrian street in all of Athens, Dionyssiou Areopagiti. Follow in the footsteps of Plato and Socrates towards Thission, and marvel at the larger than life monuments lining the road along the way, revealing history in the most vivid 3D attraction in Greece. Visits to the Herod Atticus Odeon, the Parthenon, Areopagus (Court of Cassation) and Pnyx are the ultimate opportunity to step into the past and make memories to last a lifetime.

Arriving at Thission Square around lunchtime, take the opportunity to relax in one of the fine restaurants or traditional taverns. Treat yourself to uniquely delicious Greek cuisine and Mediterranean dishes such as salad, zucchini, local meats and vegetables, all accompanied, naturally, by ouzo or a good Greek wine.

Strolling down Ermou street, your next stop should be the Benaki Museum, with its impressive array of contemporary art and a series of regularly scheduled events. Just before sunset enjoy a light dinner at Gazi, in the youthful heart of Athens – the perfect way to end the day, accompanied, of course, by your favourite after-dinner drink and some terrific music.

Day two

Start early, have a hearty breakfast and get ready for your trip to the end of Attica. For the most scenic route, head south along the Athenian Riviera with its marvellous Attica beaches and Cape Sounion, Take in the spectacular views of the Aegean Sea from the heights of the imposing Temples of Poseidon and Apollo. Be sure to visit one of the tavernas in Sounion or nearby Lavrion for fresh seafood. Return to Athens in the early afternoon to continue the adventure…

For those looking to spend their holidays in style and comfort, take a walk around Kolonaki, the city's must-see shopping destination, with its super-trendy stores, hip bars and gourmet restaurants catering to the elite of Athens.

And for those seeking simpler pleasures, there is always a walk through the picturesque neighbourhood of Plaka, the real heart of tourism in the city, where Athens’ rich diversity is vibrantly on display. A warm blur of souvenirs, great architecture, and tourist eateries fill the picturesque walkways of this, the oldest neighbourhood in Athens.

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