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The bountiful beauty of the tranquil island of Agistri holds a special allure for travellers in search of the magic of nature. This magic unfolds in all its glory across the island’s dense pine forests, exotic beaches and turquoise waters. If you are interested in experiencing the true beauty of this island, we suggest a walk along its verdant trails. Meander through the landscape of green and blue while breathing in the scent of flowering thyme and oregano, chamomile and rosemary. Due to their valuable properties, the island’s first inhabitants used these herbs to make various teas and ointments, and also used them in home remedies. In the rocky parts of the island, capers cover every inch of fertile land. Agistri’s olive trees produce its famed green olives, while the island’s extensive pine forests produce fragrant honey with a unique flavour and high nutritional value.
A number of alternative tourism activities are available to bring you closer to nature and the island’s beauty. Discover what your trip to Agistri has in store for you. Enjoy a journey that will revitalise your senses and renew your passion for life!

Tackle the island’s hiking trails

Those who love hiking will find their very own paradise in Agistri. The Agistri Professional Association, in collaboration with the Municipality, has developed a remarkable network of hiking trails on the island. These trails allow hikers to breathe in the scents of the pine forest and discover its hidden charms. Walk along old resin-tapping paths, complete with lime kilns and resin tanks still intact. Climb to the tops of hills to take in the breathtaking views. Photograph the hundreds of wild flowers covering the landscape. And top it all off with a visit to the cave connected to Methana! The development of the trails is being overseen by PathsofGreece (, a company specialising in creating unique hiking trails that exhibit Greece in all its splendour.
What’s more, the largest sections of the island’s hiking trails are protected by the cooling shade of its trees. This makes hiking pleasant year round – even in the hot summer months. The best time for a hike is during the mild spring weather of April and May or the cool autumn months of September and October. Try combining hiking with other sports available on the island, like sea kayaking or cycling. Multi-day trips sure to please are organised from Agistri all year round.

See the island from a whole new perspective

Combine exploration and exercise in one fun adventure: sea kayaking. Discover Agistri’s coastal charms and to get acquainted with the island’s most remote beaches, where you can swim in colourful coves and relax in total tranquillity. Sea kayaking also gives you access to the most mysterious parts of the island with their precipitous rocks, wondrous sea caves and hidden islets. Plan your sea kayaking adventure in Agistri today!

Take a romantic ride around the island

If romantic carriage rides excite your spirit and relax your mind, then be sure to go on a carriage ride while in Agistri. Starts from Skala and follow a majestic 3.5-km coastal route that takes you to the port at Mylos before returning to the starting point.

Dive into island life

Agistri’s underwater wonders make the island an ideal site for scuba diving. An introduction to scuba diving includes scuba gear and a 30-minute dive. If you are interested, you can complete a course to obtain PADI open water diver certification, which permits you to dive up to 18 metres. You can also attend classroom-based lessons for three to four days before you go diving. Those already familiar with the sport can participate in open water dives up to 30 metres. Of the five available dives, two are deep dives. Other fun options include underwater scooter dives or night dives. Lessons typically last for two days.

Tour Agistri by bicycle

If you are a fan of cycling, rent a bicycle for a tour from Skala to Megalochori. Or cycle along the island’s forested trails, where you can enjoy Agistri’s pine trees and olive grove, or Agistri’s coastal beauty with a ride on the beach. If you do not have a bicycle of your own, you can rent one on the island.

Venture out on a powerboat

Without a doubt, the best way to explore an island is by sea. So while you’re in Agistri, partake in an organised powerboat getaway that offers tours around Agistri and short visits to the neighbouring islands. This will give you a chance to swim, snorkel and enjoy the delicious food that the breathtaking waters provide. These trips are intended for six persons at the most.

Escape to the nearby islands

Dedicate one day of your holidayon the island to an excursion to one of the nearby islands, each of which has its own unique charm. A powerboat for six will take you to explore the small, uninhabited islets of Metopi, Dorousa, Kyra and Spalathonisi, where you can escape to ages past and enjoy the simple life right by the sea.

Information on all activities: Oasis Skala Beach Hotel at Skala, Agistri (Mr. Michalis Panou), Tel.: (+30) 22970 91085, (+30) 6974 060932. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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