Athens leisure activities

The multitude of leisure activities in Athens and Attica makes the region burst with colour and life. Throughout the city, you’ll be greeted by friendly faces, tempting smells and sultry tastes. At 3,000 years old, the city is still open for around-the-clock fun. A virtual time machine allowing you to travel from 432 BC to 2014 AD in five minutes, Attica is the perfect mix of history, culture, art and nightlife.

The culinary journey here ranges from the traditional outdoor taverns to five-star hotels and haute cuisine restaurants. Delight your taste buds with Attica’s diverse foods from souvlaki to sushi.

Surrounded by sandy beaches just a few miles from its historical heart, Syntagma (Constitution) Square, is a kaleidoscopic show full of constant surprises and jaw-dropping sights. A crossroads of cultures, high in adrenaline, but also perfect for the occasional peace-seeker craving a quiet place in the shade.

Whether you experience a romantic full moon at the Acropolis in August, dance the night away under the stars, or enjoy another leisure activity, no other city in the world has so many slices of life so close together. The lust for life created by the Athenians is the number one ingredient that makes Athens the perfect dish, served fresh every day.

When it comes to leisure activities in Athens, a little planning goes a long way. Pre-selected activities are not a bad idea, especially for the busy traveller who has little time to research on-the-go.

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