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How much is the taxi fare from the airport to downtown Athens?

The normal taxi fare from the airport to any downtown destination should not exceed 40 euros. If you get in a taxi before midnight, make sure the meter is set to '1' and keep in mind that there is an additional charge of 3.84 euros for airport pick-up as well as a charge of 0.40 euros for every piece of luggage. (Between midnight and 6.00am, the meter is turned to '2' and there are additional charges.)

Is Athens safe?

Athens is as safe as any other major European city. Much like anywhere in the world, using common sense will help you avoid trouble. Don’t flaunt expensive jewellery, keep your wallet in your front pocket, be alert when you use public transportation and avoid deserted streets at night. The police presence has increased over the past few years, so it’s normal to see armed police teams on motorbikes patrolling the major tourist areas in Attica.

What happens if there are demonstrations or strikes?

Demonstrations and strikes take place in our country with relative regularity. For Greeks, the right to demonstrate or strike is the ultimate expression of their democratic rights. However, there’s no need to worry, as demonstrations and strikes don’t last long and are announced in advance. We post information on upcoming strikes as well as useful tips on how not to let them affect your stay on our Facebook page.

Will the economic crisis affect my experience? Are foreigners welcome?

Greek hospitality is one of our nation’s most legendary values. Despite the economic crisis, Greeks maintain their eagerness to host, entertain and treat their guests well. Although some countries’ foreign policies are unpopular, foreign visitors are certainly not! Not just because Greeks like to host, but also because now more than ever the Greek economy depends on tourism. As everybody in Greece is aware of this, you’ll notice that locals are on their best behaviour and the level of service is truly superb. In addition, the crisis has driven prices down, which provides an extra incentive for tourists to visit the country at this time.

What if I get lost?

There’s nothing to worry about if you get lost. Since most Greeks speak English fluently, all you have to do is ask a passer-by to help you with directions and they will happily do so. Alternatively, you can ask for help at one of the countless kiosks found on the street. In addition to selling a wide range of goods including newspapers, cigarettes, chewing gum, drinks, chocolates, aspirin, toothpaste and the like, kiosks act as information points for both locals and visitors, with friendly staff who are always eager to help.

What are the typical costs of goods and services?
•    Taxi ride within Athens: four to 10 euros
•    Taxi ride from the airport to downtown: 35 euros during the day and 50 euros from midnight to 6.00am
•    Minimum taxi charge: 3.20 euros
•    A Greek coffee or café frappe to go: from 1.5 to two euros (a cappuccino, café latte or other variants can cost up to 4.5 euros when seated at a fancy café)
•    Integrated Metro ticket: 1.40 euros
•    Integrated bus ticket: 1.20 euros
•    Typical lunch or dinner: from 15 to 20 euros per person at a normal restaurant or tavern
•    Souvlaki: two euros (pitta souvlaki with tzatziki and gyros)
•    Small bottle of water: 0.5 euros


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