Easter in Hydra

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Easter in HydraSea EpitaphEaster in HydraOn Good Friday follow the procession of the EpitaphThe Traditional Burning of Judas

Easter in Hydra

Adorned with colorful flowers, Hydra warmly welcomes all visitors on Easter week. Only an hour and a half from Athens by boat, Hydra draws hundreds of visitor this every Easter to enjoy its rugged beauty and partake in the island’s unusual local customs.

Cars are not allowed here, so get ready for a lot of walking. Or opt for the more adventurous form of transportation – Hydra's lovely donkeys!

A seaside Easter

On Good Friday, follow the procession of the Epitaph around the freshly whitewashed cobbled streets. And don’t miss the Sea Epitaph! Once it gets dark, follow the locals in the neighbourhood of Kaminia, 10 minutes away from the main port. The Sea Epitaph of the parish of Agios Ioannis is carried through the area’s narrow streets until the procession arrives at the port of Kaminia. There, the Epitaph is submerged in the sea to bless the waters and bring luck to divers and seafarers. After the procession of the Epitaph, the community gathers to enjoy fresh seafood and Lenten meals in the local taverns.

On the evening of Holy Saturday, attend the Resurrection liturgy in the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. At exactly midnight, the scenic port is set aglow by fireworks, and the port’s festively decorated boats, ships and yachts blast their sirens and send red flares into the sky!

On the afternoon of Easter Sunday you can observe the traditional burning of Judas, during which an effigy of Judas is set ablaze at the pier.

Make the most of your time in Hydra:

• Stroll through Hydra's cobbled streets and around the port
• Tour the imposing mansions of Tsamados (home to the oldest Naval School in the world), Tombazis, Boudouris, Miaoulis, Lazaros Kountouriotis and Pavlos Kountouriotis (all heroes of the Greek War of Independence)
• Enjoy the view from the Monastery of Prophet Elias
• Visit the Museum of History and the Historic Archive of Hydra.
• Savour the seafood at Hydra’s local restaurants and taverns
• Enjoy traditional marzipan from the Tsagkaris pastry shop (tel: 22980 52314, or visit www.tsangaris-ydra.gr).


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