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If you choose to come to Athens by car, you have two options. You can take the A1 motorway from northern Greece, accessible from neighbouring Bulgaria and Macedonia, straight to Athens or take the A5 motorway from neighbouring Albania to Rio. From Rio simply follow the signs to Athens on the A8 motorway.

In general, driving to the Attica region is a great option, provided you have a few extra days to spare. Enjoy the amazing countryside of Greece on a unique journey that takes you through dense pine forests, beautiful mountains, lush valleys, picturesque villages and large, bustling cities.

The distances from various European capitals are:

Rome – Athens: 1,280km

Paris – Athens: 2,886km

Berlin – Athens: 2,354km

Amsterdam – Athens: 2,822km

Vienna – Athens: 1,723km

Prague – Athens: 2,005km

Bern – Athens: 2,468km

Barcelona – Athens: 3,086km



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