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If you plan to use the Athens Public Transportation Network for your travels, be sure you have a valid ticket or travel card.

Each ticket is valid for a single trip on one form of transportation, with the exception of combination tickets:

Combination ticket: €1.40
Reduced fare: €0.70

When validated, a combination ticket is good for 90 minutes and may be used on all OASA public transport. If the 90-minute limit will be exceeded during a journey, the passenger must validate the ticket a second time before the expiration of the 90-minute period or validate a new ticket, either on board the vehicle or at a stop or station. Each travel card allows unlimited travel within the specified time period, using all forms of transportation indicated on it.

This is valid for multiple trips using any form of public transportation in the urban zone (bus, trolley, tram, Metro or suburban railway) in any direction for up to 90 minutes. This ticket is not valid on express bus lines to the airport or on the Varkiza-Saronida section of route E22.

One-way ticket: €1.20
Reduced: €0.60

This is only valid for a single trip on buses, the Metro system and trolley cars.

For more information on Athens buses, click here.

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