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Metro system in Athens & AtticaUsing the METRO System in AthensEntering the Platform AreaAthenians are proud of their Metro

Using the METRO System in Athens and Attica:

Step into any Metro station and you’ll understand why Athenians are proud of it. The Metro will also cut your travel time and save you sitting in traffic.

• Only those with valid proof of travel (validated ticket, travel pass, etc) may board Metro trains and trams, or enter the areas beyond the ticket validation machines inside the station entrance.

• You can buy tickets at the ATIMs (Automatic Ticket Issuing Machines) located in all Metro and tram stations, and from ticket offices. ATIMs accept bank notes of €5, €10 and €20, and also give change. Please read the instructions on each ATIM for further information.

• Always verify that you hold the appropriate ticket for your destination, and see if you qualify for a reduced fare.

• Prior to entering the platform area, validate your ticket at the validation machines.

• Authorised employees perform regular inspections to verify that all tickets, passes and travel cards are valid. Significant penalties are given to passengers without a valid form of travel.

• Follow the instructions of Metro staff as well as system announcements.

• When using the escalators, stand to the right and use the handrail. If you have small children, hold their hand and be careful when stepping on or off the escalator.

• Lifts are intended for use solely by those with impaired mobility (disabled persons, the elderly, pregnant women, etc).

• Use the entire length of the platform when waiting for a train.

• Before boarding, allow passengers to disembark first.

• Do not attempt to enter a train after the door-closing buzzer has sounded.

• According to laws 1214/1981, 2669/1998 and 2801/2000, if you’re inside the train or in areas of the metro station beyond the ticket validating machines, valid proof of travel (ie a validated ticket, a valid monthly travel card or a pass for free travel) must be produced when requested.

• Please comply if an inspector asks to verify your proof of travel. Failure to display valid proof of travel risks a significant penalty.

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You can find the Athens & Attica Metro Map here.

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