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Using the Tram System in Athens:

• Prior to boarding, purchase tickets or unlimited-use cards from the ticket counters or the vending machines.

• Validate your ticket at the machines located at the stations.

• For your safety, use the handrails when standing inside the tram.

• Smoking, eating or drinking is not allowed aboard trams.

• When preparing to disembark, press the button next to the door; once the tram has stopped, press the green button on the door.

• The emergency button and emergency brake inside the vehicle should be used only in an emergency.

• Use the appropriate rubbish receptacles.

• Don’t place stickers or draw graffiti on walls or any other surfaces, inside or outside the tram.

• At the tram stops, only use tram equipment specified for use by the public.

• Offer your seat to those who may need it more than you (the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women, etc…).

For more information on the Tram system, click here.

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