Athens Taxi Service & Taxi rates

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Athens taxi services are inexpensive by European standards and offers a reasonable alternative to mass transit. All licensed taxis are equipped with meters, and fares are charged per kilometre and per hour. Each cab also displays currently valid tariffs and surcharges.

In certain tourist areas, you may be asked to pay a flat rate for a specific destination. Before boarding a taxi, be sure to confirm independently the proper fare for the journey.

Below are standard rates (per km) for taxi services  in Athens:

• Starting rate: €1.19

• Rate per km inside the city limits (zone 1): €0.68

• Rate per km outside the city limits (zone 2): €1.19

• Waiting time fee (per hr): €10.85

• Minimum travel charge: €3.16 *tipping not required

• Night surcharge (from midnight to 5.00am): €1.19

• Holiday surcharge (Christmas and Easter seasons) + €1

To/from Athens International Airport / Eleftherios Venizelos: €3.84

• Outward from Athens Port railway and bus depots: €1.07

• Baggage over 10kg (22lbs) each: €0.40


The following rates apply to radio taxi services:

• Regular call for taxi pickup: €1.92

• Taxi pickup by appointment: €3.39-€5.65


The taxi driver's obligations are as follows:

• The driver will carry passengers’ luggage to and from the cab when picking up or dropping off a passenger.

• The driver may not deny a passenger transportation, and may not pick up extra passengers without your permission.

• A passenger may request a waiting time of up to 15 minutes, occasionally more if there is a valid reason.

• Upon a passenger's request, the driver is obligated to issue a receipt stating the route and metered fare paid.

• You can call any of the taxi companies serving the greater Athens area for a scheduled pick-up service.


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