For the child in you, or the child with you – Athens has a number of theme parks to help you pack even more fun in your vacation!


Determined to become the top childrens' entertainment park in Greece, the Allou Fun Park opened in 2002.

The Chaidari Botanical Garden is the largest botanical garden in the country.

This expansive cultural centre occupies a 15-hectare triangular lot between Thivon and Petrou Ralli streets.

Opened in 2000, the Attica Zoological Park began as a bird park, at the time boasting the third largest bird collection in the world.

The Athens Gasworks factory installation, or 'Gazi', as most people call it, is near Pireos and Iera Odos streets.

The Athens Gasworks, or "Gazi", on Pireos Street was built around 1860. The first plant was quite small and was owned by businessman Frangiskos Feraldis.

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