Easily accessed from the seaside avenue, this beautiful sandy beach provides a number of services at no charge.

Agios Nikolaos beach sits at the foot of a hill with a chapel of the same name and is ideal for quiet relaxation.

Anavyssos, 58 kilometres from Athens, is one of the largest beaches in Attica.

The bustling village of Artemida is home to one of the most popular family beaches in the area.

Batis Beach and nearby Edem Beach are both located on the promenade along the Paleon Faliron shoreline.

This free beach bordered by lush greenery and a rocky shoreline attracts swimmers, sunbathers and beach sport enthusiasts.

Located near the archaeological site of the same name, Brauron is ideal for short family excursions.

Well known to locals and tourists alike as the 'Cave of Love', this organised beach offers visitors a variety of beach and water sports.

Used by local residents, this beach's easy access makes it a good option for a swim in the city.

This small but popular free beach is well known for its pristine, ultra-fine sand.

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