Religious Tourism in Greece

Religion tourism in Greece can reveal many inner aspects of Greek beliefs. Greeks have been, are and always will be fascinated by religion. Regardless of how many, how evil or how heroic the Gods were, most people here have always believed in a supreme divine power. Since its early years, Christianity has been the foundation of everyday life in Greece. Proof of that can be seen in the number of public and private churches built on Greek soil that, with the passing of time, have become some of the most important monuments in the country.

The ancient Athenians began converting to Christianity during the era of Paul the Apostle (first century AC). Many ancient temples were originally converted into Christian churches, and from the fifth century on, a number of new Christian basilicas were built, the remnants of which can be found throughout Attica.

Most of the churches and monasteries of the Byzantine era were built during the Renaissance of the Letters. The Kapnikarea, Agioi Theodoroi, Agios Elefterios, the Pantanassa, Agioi Assomatoi, Agios Nikolaos Ragavas, and the Monasteries of Daphni, Kaisariani and Asteriou still stand proud and untouched by time and are still must see attractions for religious tourism visitors.


Church City Address Phone Number
Agia Aikaterini Lamprini Sitakis St, 15-16 -
Agia Aikaterini Ilion Agias Aikaterinis St, 12 (+30) 210 2634188
Agia Aikaterini Petralona Kiriadon-Aigiidon St (+30) 210 3463446
Agia Aikaterini Plaka Galanou &
Herefontos St
(+30) 210 3228974
Agia Aikaterini Aigaleo Orizomylion St, 28 (+30) 210 5613919
Agia Aikaterini Pikermi - -
Agia Aikaterini Piraeus Mousopoulou Coast
Ploutarchou Mplessa St, 4-3
(+30) 210 4136603
Agia Aikaterini Asklipiou Exarhia Patriarchou Fotiou St, 5 -
Agia Ana Plaka Dioskouron St -
Agia Anastasia (Perissos) Nea Ionia Andrianoupoleos &
Kolokotroni St
(+30) 210 2516655

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