Athens Shopping Malls

The Pnyx was selected as the seat of the Ecclesia and the area of assembly for Athenian citizens due to its unique morphology and size.

The Choragic Monument of Lysicrates was erected by the choregos Lysicrates, a wealthy patron of musical performances at the Theater of Dionysus.

The world-famous Acropolis, or Sacred Rock, is a fortified hill towering 156 meters high in the heart of Athens.

The Kleanthi-Schaubert or the Old University, is in a high part of Plaka, in Tholou Street and is a very old building (probably from the 17th century).

The mansion of the notorious family of Benizelos who lived in Athens during the years of the Ottoman occupation, was build during the 16th century.

Opened on the eve of the 2004 Olympic Games, the Herakleidon Experience in Visual Arts showcases cutting-edge work by new and established artists.

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