Athens Shopping Malls

McArthurGlen is a legitimate sightseeing destination in its own right, and one that your wallet will thank you for visiting.

Attica justly enjoys the reputation as Athens’ most fashionable and glamorous shopping centre.

Explore the modern exterior and interior, go shopping and escape for a while from your everyday routine!

Golden Hall welcomes visitors with 41,000 square metres of shopping, and a range of dining and relaxation options to match.

A great place for retail therapy for the whole family, especially with up to 80% off many prices.

The absolute experience of the 'shop-in-a-shop' concept. Here you will find more than 400 famous brands at reduced prices.

With two levels of innovative, stylish shops and proximity to major corporate and residential areas, Avenue can satisfy all demographics.

Its 85 stores carry all major brands. It also sports 18 eateries, five cinema screens, a supermarket, play area and a bank.

With quick and easy access to its four levels, shoppers will quickly find what they seek among the 80 branded stores.

Designed according to the luxury resorts standards and offers a sense of a unique lifestyle to the visitors.

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