Escape and Adventure Rooms, Right Here in Athens

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Escape and Adventure Rooms, Right Here in AthensEscape and Adventure Rooms, Right Here in AthensEscape and Adventure Rooms, Right Here in AthensEscape and Adventure Rooms, Right Here in AthensEscape and Adventure Rooms, Right Here in AthensEscape and Adventure Rooms, Right Here in AthensEscape and Adventure Rooms, Right Here in AthensEscape and Adventure Rooms, Right Here in AthensEscape and Adventure Rooms, Right Here in Athens

“Room Escape”, the new game that gets your adrenaline pumping is now in Athens! Choose an “escape room” with the theme of your liking and experience an exciting alternative form of entertainment with your friends.

After rising to popularity in Europe and North America, the game made its way to the centre of Athens a few months ago. It immediately became a success and the news quickly spread among Athenians and tourists. It has been so well received that it has become an even more popular tourist attraction in Athens than the Acropolis itself, according to TripAdvisor! As part of this original idea, a group of friends/players gets locked up in a mysterious room, which is actually a carefully-designed puzzle, and must try to escape within 60 minutes. In order to manage this, players must summon up their brain power and resourcefulness, and must decode some of the hidden evidence in the room together with their co-players. They must act quickly and methodically. Riddles, enigmas, keys and of course a timer all form the pieces of the puzzle that has everybody hooked!

How did the idea of “Room Escape” come about?

The game started in Switzerland and is currently a huge success in many countries. It was invented by a physics teacher who intended it for his pupils. When he discovered that the game was popular among children, he decided to turn it into a business, which ended up being a great success.

What makes “Room Escape” so exciting?

What makes this game so exciting is the suspense, the team spirit, the inventiveness and the speed at which each team must act. Every riddle solved leads players to the next level, giving them a sense of satisfaction and boosting their confidence. Also, the team’s cooperation and unity in pursuit of a common goal strengthens their team spirit and cooperation. What’s more, the game also helps players escape from their everyday problems because it leaves no room for thoughts about anything other than achieving the objective!

The adventure is certainly an exciting one, but by no means is it dangerous. It does not include any elements of fear, nor does it require any natural or physical skills. The atmosphere of the rooms goes perfectly with the theme of the game, but is in no way scary. Players are invited to picture themselves as the characters in an action movie. The game is intended for adults and children over 15 years. Children of younger ages (8-9 years) must be accompanied by their parents.

The “keys” to success

A team spirit, imagination, a methodical approach, and quick thinking and action are the key elements that can help a team solve all the riddles in time and win the game. The game is not easy, but not impossible either. About 30% of all players have managed to find a way to escape and win.

What happens if a player panics?

Every room is equipped with a panic button so that players can leave if they need to. According to the staff, nobody has needed to use the panic button yet. All areas are connected through audiovisual equipment to the secret control room, where the moderators constantly watch the “prisoners” and intervene to help if it is deemed necessary. There are also screens in the rooms, which offer advice if too much time is spent on solving a single riddle and let players know how much time they have left.

Who is this game intended for?

“Room Escape” is a fun interactive game intended for groups of friends, families, couples and tourists. It can also offer a unique experience to high school pupils or groups of colleagues as it boosts the spirit of cooperation and the strength of the team. It is also a great idea for a bachelor party or for some alternative entertainment with your friends on your birthday or on other occasions (the game can be adapted to include hidden gifts and surprises).

Adventure Rooms Games

Adventure Rooms is located in the Monastiraki district, at a very short distance from the Metro station. At the moment there are two different escape rooms, the Original Game and the Black Queen, which are for groups of 2-6 players. In the Original Game theme, the players are locked in the room by a mad scientist and they have 60 minutes to escape before he returns and turns them into guinea pigs.

The Black Queen theme has a more dramatic atmosphere. Here players find themselves trapped in the Black Queen’s castle and they have only 60 minutes to use their minds and senses to escape.

If you are a large crowd of 6-12 friends, you can divide yourselves into two teams and can play in the form of a duel, where the one team challenges the other.

Open hours: Every day from 11:30 to 23:30. Prices: From 10 Euros per person.


Adventure Rooms: 2 Athinas and Kakourgodikeiou Streets (next to the Metro station), Monastiraki, Athens

Tel.: (+30) 211-01 24 729

Athens Clue Games

Athens Clue’s escape rooms started nine months ago. Greek and foreign designers of similar games assisted in the design of the games and rooms. It is located in the centre of Athens, behind the Hilton, and will be expanding in a few days to a second building on Amalias Avenue, with new games. There are currently five different scenarios/riddles for groups of 3-5 players: Taken, which was created especially for Greece.The scenario involves two children, Petros and Miranta, who have been kidnapped. A primary suspect and an address are provided, and you, as the detective, have 50 minutes to find the children and escape with them. The Prison Break scenario involves an innocent death-row inmate, an execution date and an opportunity to escape. Players have 60 minutes to save the prisoner and escape. In the John Monroe scenario, there is a murdered detective, 5 primary murder suspects and 60 minutes to solve the mystery and get out of the room. In Lost Statues of Knossos, archaeologist Jack Travis disappears and you have at your disposal a ticket from Athens to Knossos, five stolen statues and 70 minutes to solve the mystery. Lastly, in Lev Pasted Laboratory you are given the journal of the mysterious doctor, Lev Pasted, 5 blood samples and 60 minutes to discover the doctor’s true identity and escape.

By the end of October the company will have increased the number of games to 10 thematic escape rooms. At the same time, the company is expanding through franchising to other cities in Greece and abroad (Belgium, Mexico, etc.), helping it to become the largest such company in Europe.

Open hours: Mondays to Fridays, 14:00-23:00. Saturdays and Sundays, 11:00-23:00. Prices: From 10 Euros per person (it varies according to the number of players, the time and the games).


Athens Clue: 11 Diocharous & Ionos Dragoumi Streets, and 26 Amalias Avenue, Athens

Tel.: (+30) 210-72 12 018,


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