Do you ever wonder what it must be like to become one with the sea and air; to balance your body and senses on a surfboard? If yes, then it’s time you learn how to windsurf. Remember not to get disappointed by the first few falls, they are part of the learning experience!

After some lessons and practice, you will be able to take to the sea and start collecting some unforgettable experiences! Many of Attica’s beaches have windsurfing schools with staff with the proper knowledge, experience and professionalism to introduce you to the sport. They will also provide you with all the equipment you’ll need. With time, you’ll gain confidence and derive even greater enjoyment from this sport. When the summer winds start to blow, Attica provides the top windsurfing spot for every taste. Greece’s winds make it a mecca for windsurfers the world over.

If you are a beginner, start with a large board and a light rig (collective term for mast, sail, boom and joint). As uncomfortable as the size may seem to you, it provides stability; it can sail in light winds and is easy to handle. A light rig is also easy to turn and to pull from the water, allowing you to focus all your attention on learning.

Useful tips

• The best beaches for learning how to windsurf are those with shallow water, average wind and small waves.

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