Yoga relaxes the body, strengthens the mind, fights stress, helps to maintain and improve mental and physical health, and promises a great figure, a path to peace of mind, inner balance, a healthy sex life and prolonged youth!

Yoga teaches physical techniques for breathing, relaxation, concentration and detoxification. It aims to balance the body, mind and emotions, and epitomizes the ancient Greek saying ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’. Through physical movements and body postures, breathing techniques and relaxation methods, you will learn to calm yourself, revive your body and mind, develop a strong immune system, enjoy emotional wellbeing and become more resilient in the face of crises and other stressors.

Yoga is a system of self-knowledge and discovery of the inner self, which helps to activate a person’s hidden mental capacities and creative talents. The system developed thousands of years ago in India, and has been revitalized in a modern-day form as a “solution” to the stress caused by our busy contemporary lifestyle. It helps us discharge negative emotions, and obtain inner peace, sound judgement, harmony and a balanced mind. It is a philosophical stance against the circumstances we face, and a special education and training method that allows for a better quality of life.

Through yoga, you can boost your physical and mental abilities to improve your performance in whatever you do while living in harmony with yourself, your loved ones, and your natural environment. In every corner of the earth including America, Europe, Asia and Australia yoga is used in hospitals as an alternative treatment method, and also in educational institutions, retirement homes, sports centres and Olympic teams, as well as theatre, dance and music schools.

There are many types of yoga to choose from, so choose the type that best suits your needs: Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Asana yoga, Ananda yoga, Mantra yoga, Jnana yoga, Bhakti yoga, meditation (based on Raja yoga), Kundalini yoga, Karma yoga, Kriya yoga, Kripalu yoga and yoga for children.

Hatha is the most widespread type of yoga in Europe and is ideal for all ages. It aims to harmonize the musculoskeletal system, improve breathing, aid concentration, relieve stress and tension, help prevent depression and preserve a youthful spirit and body.


Satyanandashram Hellas is a nonprofit association, founded in 1978 by Swami Sivamurti Saraswati.

Open Space Studio is a centre for physical and mental exercise through the practice of energy arts.

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