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Ancient Attica’s & Athens’ Buildings

What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others. (Pericles)

There is truth in Pericles’ words: the stories of our ancestors are told through the monuments they inspired; those ancient buildings in Athens & Attica, in turn, inspire us today.

Inspiration has thus come full circle. Thank you, Pericles, for the monuments we now admire, and which, thousands of years ago, were merely an idea in some brilliant mind.


One of the many archaeological sites of Piraeus, the Eetionean Gate, was a great cove of its era.

Three glass pyramids, constructed for the Athens Olympic Games in 2004, mark this historical site.

Akademia Platonos, an Athenian neighbourhood having experienced intense industrial and residential development.

Described in detail by the Roman traveller Pausanias, the ancient city and harbour of Salamis left behind significant remnants.

With an acropolis and powerful fortifications, the ancient city of Troezen was located west of today’s town.

From its perch atop a pine-covered hill on the island of Aegina, the imposing temple of the Aphaia watches over the sea.

Nearby, an imposing defence tower, known as the ‘Palace of Theseus’, offers a view of Vidi beach where Greek ships once harboured on the eve of the naval battle of Salamis.

Eleusis is the ancient sacred town of Attica notorious for the cult of Demeter, goddess of the harvest, as well as the popular Eleusinian Mysteries (a hope for life after death).

On Areos Street, opposite the entrance to the Monastiraki Metro Station, lies the archaeological site of Hadrian’s Library.

This fifth-century church is dedicated to Saint Leonides, the third-century bishop of Athens.

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