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Located at the end of Ermou Street, the Kerameikos archaeological site is of major importance in Athens. Although only a small part of this ancient city quarter is open to the public, the site – home to the kerameis (potters) in antiquity – offers a fascinating glimpse into the distant past.

Also standing here are the ruins of the imposing, double-arched Dipylon Gate, from the Themistocleian city wall, circa 478 BC. Numerous tombs with replicated anaglyphs occupy the site as well, the original being safely preserved in the Kerameikos Museum.

The site is also home to the Demosion Sima, the public graveyard where ancient Athenians once buried their war heroes.

The Dipylon Gate, also known as the Thriasian Gate, was first brought down by Syllas during his conquest of Athens in 86 BC, and the final destruction took place during the Herulian sack of Athens in 267 AC. Thereafter, the area was used as a graveyard until the end of the Roman era in the sixth century.



Additional Info

Name: Kerameikos
Address: Ermou St, Monastiraki
District: Central Athens
Transportation: Metro Green Line (1): Thissio Station

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