The Gate of Hadrian

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The Gate of HadrianThe Gate of HadrianThe Gate of Hadrian

The Philhellene emperor Hadrian founded a neighbourhood near the eastern border of ancient Athens. The Athenians named it Adrianopolis after him, and built an arch of Pentelic marble between 131 and 132 AC leading from the old city to the new. Situated near the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the arch remains in excellent condition, and is one of the city’s most recognisable landmarks.

In the late 18th century, the arch served as part of the city’s defences, known then as the Haseki wall. It was later named the Gate of the Princess or the Arch Gate. Today it stands at the heart of modern Athens, a stunning monument to the glory that was Greece.


Additional Info

Name: The Gate of Hadrian or Hadrian's Arch
Address: Amalias Ave, Athens
District: Central Athens
Transportation: Metro Red Line (2) : Acropoli Station

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